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Congratulations George Kettell

Congratulations to George Kettell!

Howard Furtak posted this on MVL’s Facebook page:


Over the past 5 years, Gary Larkin, owner of Alpine Express, has donated a beautiful crystal award to be given to a deserving vanner who has gone above and beyond over the years. Previous winners have included Astro, Beerbob, Virtual, Knighty, Poorman, and me. As a person is awarded this honor, they become part of the committee to elect the next winner. This year we elected our very own George Kettell. It was a very emotional moment. I made a grown man cry! My presentation speech went something like this: 

"Tonight we honor a true vanning pioneer. A Korean war veteran, father, grandfather, and one of the founders of one of the largest and most successful van clubs around. In 1971 he wanted to see this great country as well as Frank Zappa and the Doors. A friend of his had a van, and he was inspired to get one himself. In early 72 he saw other vanners and thought maybe a club could be formed. That club became Midwest Vans Ltd. Over the years he was an NSVA rep til he got fired, wrote for Custom Vans and Vans and Trucks magazine, headed the club through the crazy late 70s, and with the help of flame started the 2% movement. He drove his Dodge to Tiger Run, and was the top of the O in the famous aerial shot. He loves his charity work, leading the club's Toys for Tots parties for 37 years, and working with a family service charity, a pet rescue group, and the Southeast Side Veterans Association. He is currently retired from his career as a pipefitter, but is writing for Matchstick's Custom Vanner magazine. We have traveled together for over 40 years, and I am proud to call him my friend, Mentor, and Club member...Ladies and Gentlemen, GEORGE KETTELL!" (At that point he got a huge standing ovation!) 

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